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Conservation Easement Granted on a Key Livestock Trail

A Wyoming landowner has agreed to a plan that protects a historic stock trail near the Big Horn Mountains. Rancher Bruce Pheasant of Kaycee, signed a conservation easement to protect a grassy valley known to his family and to hundreds others who drive livestock for a living. The valley is known as Beartrap Meadows, near the headwaters of Beartrap Creek. Livestock owners and producers in the region rely on the meadows as a stopover during long drives, and more than 20,000 head of cattle and sheep move through annually. The owner completed the easement after working with several land trusts and with representatives from state and federal agencies. Fishing is still allowed at the meadows, thanks to a separate agreement Pheasant worked out with the Wyoming Game and Fish. Read more HERE.
Photo Credit: Matt Wells, Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust


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